War has come to the Jericho Reach. The hand of the Imperium has arrived to reclaim its iron grip upon the lost sector. For every machination of mankind that enters the reach, a new foe rises to greet the war machine of the God Emperor. For a millenia a shadow has engulfed the myriad of worlds under human control, bringing with it foul demons, enemy xenos, and the insatiable hunger of the devourer of worlds. The imminent dangers closing in on the inhabitants of these worlds draw nearer but all hope is not lost. A sliver of light shines yet in this darkest hour. Since before the age of shadow a vigil has been kept by the heroes of mankind. The children of the God Emperor have long stood against the evil forces swallowing the Jericho Reach. The Deathwatch of Watchtower Erioch have battled for thousands of years trying to hold back the encroaching doom. Now with the Jericho Crusade gaining momentum, the battle brothers who have sworn to defend mankind from all manner of threat have mobilized to take the fight to the enemy and finish this war. In the name of the Emperor, this is your story… For more background information on the 40k universe check out the Setting page.

Table of Contents

The Hidden Hand

Deathwatch LancePhillips akujie88