Lividius Mundarian

Black Shield Librarian (Chapter Classified)


Lividius is a “Black Shield” meaning he bears no Chapter insignia. His chapter was destroyed in a conflict involving Tyranids, as is clear by his hightened hatred of this xenos above all others. No other information about his chapter or the conflict that consumed it has been revealed as of yet. Lividius has black hair kept extremely close cut, and laughing green eyes with black pools of pupils that seem to swirl in towards the horrid depths that only those who skirt the edge of the warp possess. He is often seen with a faint and sad smirk on his face, as if he is privy to a joke that only he shares with his long dead chapter; This along with his uncanny agility, reflected by an almost unpredictable pattern of movement in combat and the grinning dog skull carving on the pommel of his force sword has earned him the nick name the “Capricious Canine.” Lividius wears a patchwork set of Mark VI Corvus Power armor, with Mark III shoulder gaurds and a Mark VIII helm and gorget.


Lividius Mundarian

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