High Apothecary Pifion

High Apothecary of Watchtower Exodus


Gruff in appearance as well as demeanor, Pifion is a shining example of a son of Dorn. Despite his long service and impressive combat history, he has almost no scars visible. When questioned about his lack of disfigurement he simply laughs and claims that he saves his scars for the enemy. While his looks would suggest a younger warrior, his impressive three service studs and the the fierce look of wisdom in his eyes are a more accurate gauge of his years.


A marine of the Imperial Fists chapter, Pifion has served the deathwatch for over fifty years, recently being elevated to the honored role of High Apothecary. He is responsible for maintaining the gene-seed of his fellow Deathwatch brethren, as well as developing the order’s genetic weapons to be utilized against their enemies. In battle Pifion lives up to the reputation of his chapter, fighting in slow deliberate advances, each shot and strike inflicting catastrophic damage. While always severe in nature, Pifion has recently seemed especially burdened, perhaps his responsibility of maintaining his brother’s genetic secrets has begun weighing too heavily upon him.

High Apothecary Pifion

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