Chapter Master Acaeleus


With the advent of the Achilus Crusade into the Jericho Reach, several chapters have answered to the call to arms. No chapter has dedicated itself to the war for the system as thoroughly as the Warp Sentinels, who have mobilized three entire companies including their command. Chief among the assets brought by the mysterious chapter is their Grand Chapter Master, Joren Acaeleus. Small in stature for a space marine, Master Acaeleus wears the ancient armour known as Deathknell. He is also never seen without the sacred blade of the Warp Sentinels, Mormegil.


Little is known of Acaeleus’ origins outside of the Warp Sentinels but the respect he commands is without question. Known as a shrewd tactitian and brutal combatant, The Chapter Master is famous for his lack of quarter to any foe the chapter faces. Held in contempt by the Inquisition for the utter destruction of the Council of the Fates, Acaeleus almost seems to take pleasure in meddling in the affairs of the Terran beauracracy.

Chapter Master Acaeleus

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