Marek Rocaan

Techmarine of the Warp Sentinels, Third Company


Techmarine with full set of servo arms. Wears helmet and full tactical dreadnaught armor. Tends toward short ranged combat.


Born on Terralos. Adapt with machinery even before becoming a Sentinel, always seeming able to talk to the spirits. After becoming a Warp Sentinel, this gift soon lead to enlistment in the Adeptus Mechanicus and training on Mars. Upon return to the chapter, assigned to the Second Company, stationed on Terralos. Not present at Semper Mortis when rest of Second Company was lost, having been assigned another task. Task unknown. Librarium records sealed. Since massacre, some what withdrawn. Seeks vengeance and penance for brothers lost in his absence. Currently assigned to Third Company. Current assignment unknown. Current where abouts unknown. Librarium record sealed.

Marek Rocaan

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