Captain Bronos Vosch

Captain of the Deathwatch Team Exodus, a space marine of the Warp Sentinels 3rd Company


Large even for a Space Marine, Vosch’s presence has a powerful effect on any allies, granting them +10 to all WS, BS, and Medicae checks when within six meters. Always a leader on the frontlines, Vosch wades into combat with the fervor of a man possessed. Vosch is never without his cermonial sword, given to him by Chapter Master Acaeleus.


Captain Bronos Vosch has been captain of Watchtower Exodus for over one hundred years. A warrior of extreme power, Vosch constantly pushes his abilities to their limit, endangering himself in order to defend his allies and fellow marines. Although an expert on all varieties of Xenos, Vosch’s extensive knowledge of the Tyranids is legendary within the Jericho Reach. His loyalty to his chapter, the Warp Sentinels is unquestionable in spite of his lengthy service to the Deathwatch.

Captain Bronos Vosch

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